5/04/2024 21:30
10 € + d.d.p with Tessera Hovoc

APICE (ITA – alt pop – La Clinica Dischi)

+ SVEGLIAGINEVRA (ITA – pop – La Clinica Dischi)

Manuel Apice is a singer-songwriter born in La Spezia and raised around Italy.

He has published three albums (“Beltempo”, 2019; “Attimi di sole”, 2022; “Rumore Bianco”, 2024), played on many stages of national and international clubs and festivals, won two awards dedicated to author’s music (Premio Fabrizio De André, 2019; Premio Bindi, 2022) and has so far survived himself and his unanswered questions – which more often than not have become songs.

In his free time he does nothing other than write or play, otherwise he wouldn’t know what to say with his music.

“Rumore Bianco” (La Clinica Dischi/Sony Music) is his third studio album, a choral narration of a shared feeling – or at least, so he believes: ten songs to tell the background noise that accompanies every moment of our incessant and disoriented progress.


NO DRAMMA is the new album by svegliaginevra, out on Friday 17 November for Columbia Records/Sony Music Italy, preceded by the singles Stare con te, La tua ragazza, Gelatai e American Wedding, the feat with the Finnish revelation artist Goldielocks.

svegliaginevra confirms his artistic personality with romantic pop nuances, describing love in all its forms, putting himself on the line and showing his fragility.

For the month of November 2023 she was appointed Italian ambassador of Spotify EQUAL.

Nessun Dramma is a musical collection of 12 love stories summed up under a single mantra “no drama”. The singer-songwriter brings together apparently dramatic life anecdotes that actually hide precious lessons to assimilate into one’s personal baggage. The album highlights the emotional maturity of the artist who, with awareness, recognizes the provisional nature of the moods experienced, treasures it and transforms it into songs with an intimate and elegant pop.


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