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25/11/2023 22:00
12 € + d.d.p with Tessera Hovoc
An album born between the United Kingdom and Sardinia that draws its lifeblood from myths and legends and from wild nature, in a timeless space, closer to the dream world than to the real one.
After the dazzling debut album NOTTE, BLUEM, or Chiara Floris, young Sardinian singer-songwriter and producer, presents nou. “New” in the Sardinian language, nou is an introspective and experimental project, evocative and powerful, with electronic and ancestral textures.
“I gave this title to the project before I even started it, as a promise to myself that I would create without an ultimate goal – as I have always done – and that I would put myself on the line to bring something that was unprecedented on my part. Then it became a mantra, something that I repeated to myself several times during the process, and culminated with the composition of the interlude (which takes its title) dedicated precisely to this beautiful word”.
Written and produced by BLUEM with forays into the production of Arssalendo, Giumo, Luigi Visconti, Bawrut and Malakay and into the writing of Milo Merah, embellished by the feat with Yasmina, the album is a mix of ultra-contemporary sounds in which the tradition of his Sardinia, a land from which he has always drawn creative stimuli, and on which original and innovative sound trajectories stand out, surrounded by an otherworldly aura.
nou is a hymn to femininity, however it is experienced. A dreamlike journey of ten tracks made up of encounters with ancient, tragic and fairy-tale characters, in wild environments.
Those of nou are stories of oppression and redemption, of pain and complicity, set in places uncontaminated by the present and almost timeless, which aim to fuel a feeling of communion and celebrate the grandeur of creative energy.
BLUEM makes them his own and interprets them with his own unmistakable stylistic signature, the same one that characterized night and which in nou goes further. Musically, in fact, nou is a research album that explores the geographies of electronics, experimenting with the sounds of today but full of influences from the past. Alongside sound distortions, synths, driving speakers, Latin rhythms and hyper pop flashes, rhythmic sections and samples recorded starting from traditional Sardinian sounds fit together.



(ITA – electro pop)
NIMA, born in 1997, is a Sicilian producer, composer and songwriter.
His productions, through electronics, deconstruct, recombine and appropriate a past that bursts into the present-future.
It all starts from the driving force generated by his native land which becomes the starting point for the search for sounds. A research that goes beyond territorial borders to touch other lands bordered by the Mediterranean, going beyond the concept of land and space.
For this reason the language used is Nụhmeyya, a mix of Arabic, Greek, Sicilian and Hebrew phonemes, or simply an existing language but unknown to the speaker, this concept finds its meaning in the term “glossolalia”.
Its hybrid and very ancient roots restore the vital pulse to a popular heritage that can be revived through new electronic musical impulses.


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