Hello clubbers, welcome to the lounge of Live In Gate 1. We transformed the Gate 1 in a lounge area where we interviewed Sleap-e, Gazebo Penguins, Her Skin and Lodo Guenzi and we have chatted about their music projects.


In the first episode we hang out with the talented Sleap-e who brought us her “Bye” and a nice cover of “I’m so tired” by The Beatles.

E02: Gazebo Penguins

In the second episode we called some friends, it was difficult to get them all to stay on stage but it was really beautiful: the Gazebo Penguins played “Soffrire non รจ utile” and “Nevica” live for us!

E03: Her Skin

In the third episode Sara, aka Her Skin, tells us about her world (waiting for her next, amazing record) playing live “Bad Dates” and “Pesci”, one of the most famous songs by Maria Antoinietta.

E04: Lodo Guenzi

A successful regaz that literally grew up within the walls of the Covo: in this final episode Lodo Guenzi keeps us company by playing two songs live and telling himself to Tiffany.

A special thanks to

Marco Cantelli, Tiffany Vecchietti, Enrico Gnudi, Andrea James Colgan, Claudia Mastroroberto, Francesco Angelini, Erika Fiumi, Beatrice Giaramita